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Anyone Else Fed Up With Huge TV, Internet, and Telephone Charges?

Cox Communications has delivered outstanding services since 1962. As a leader in digital programming, Cox offers cable programming for a value that few other providers can match. For ten years Cox has delivered this unbeatable value to its customers through individual services and package deals. Cox offers exceptional digital TV and video, flat-rate local and long distance phone service, and fast high speed Internet to its 7 million customers for rates that will leave your wallet smiling! Click here for more information about Cox Deals.

Get Rid Of Huge Bills With Cox Advanced TV

With a big channel lineup, premium movie channels, music, and thousands of television shows and films accessible via On DEMAND, Cox Advanced TV delivers the power to get exactly what you want. No other cable TV provider presents so many choices for a better rate. Cox customers have lower bills for premium cable TV than many satellite customers currently pay. Plus, satellite providers have increased prices for users every year for the last five years! Don't become a victim of extended contracts and hidden charges.

Cox Advanced TV brings the flexibility that puts you in control. Cox gives you exactly what you want, when you want it. With available DVR and On DEMAND you never have to miss your favorite show. For instance, adding a DVR to Cox Advanced TV lets you record, play, pause, fast forward and rewind all your favorite shows, sports, and movies. Upgrade to Cox's HD DVR and record high definition programs in perfect HD clarity! Cox's On DEMAND service gives customers thousands of hours of movies and TV at the click of the remote. It's like having your own personal video library. And unlike satellite TV, Cox Advanced TV is not dependent on clear skys, suffering poor picture quality and interference when the weather turns wet and windy or trees block the satellite signal. Selecting Cox Advanced TV is hands down the simplest decision you can make!

If you've invested in a high definition television, Cox Advanced TV will help you take full advantage of everything HD can offer. Whether you love the gritty detail of sports or the excitement of action flicks Cox has the best HD available anywhere. Add HD to your Cox advance service and see every blade of grass, hear every sweet note and the rustle of the breeze through leaves. You can almost taste the flavor of every juicy dish - and all this is yours along with the unbeatable value of your Cox Advanced TV service - with no additional programming fees. On top of HD programming, Cox Advanced TV offers HD content On Demand so you can watch your favorite shows and movies in the best quality available - as HiDef TV was designed to be viewed.

Cox High Speed Internetsm Delivers Speed, Value, and Convenience

Ready for blazing downloads and an awesome high speed Internet experience? Cox High Speed Internet brings customers unheard of speeds at remarkably low cost. Speeds start at 3 Mbps and go all the way to an incredible 50 Mbps where available. In no time you'll be surfing the web in Internet bliss while your neighbors are waiting for files to download and tying up their phone line. Cox also helps keep your family safe. By partnering with McAfee®, the most respected name in PC protection software, to develop the Cox Security Suite you know everyone in your household will be secure online. Depending on the Cox High Speed Internetsm Plan you select, you'll get up to 10 email addresses and plenty of space for attachments. Sports fans will love the FREE access to ESPN3 which delivers 24/7 live, online sports coverage with up to 3,500 games a year! It's no wonder that in Cox service areas across the nation more people chose Cox for Internet service over DSL, other cable providers, and satellite. Cox has the service and speeds that the other guys just can't beat!

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Enormous Per Minute Telephone Charges Forever

With Cox Digital Telephone® you can put an end to shocking per minute phone bills for your calls. With several plans to choose from you can pick the one that's right for you and start saving right away. Try the Cox Digital Telephone Premier Package - Cox's best telephone package at our best price, $10 less than the old phone company every month. This package includes unlimited local calling, unlimited US and Canada calling, the Premier Feature Pak with 13 of the most popular features including Call Waiting and Caller ID, and Voice Mail. Do you call internationally? Add in the Simply Worldwide plan for a low monthly charge and get great rates around the world. The Premier Feature Pak includes the 13 most popular telephone features all in one group. Includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, Call Forwarding, Call Forward No Answer, Selective Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Busy, Priority Ringing, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, 3 Way Calling, Busy Line Redial and Call Return.

For years Cox has been a front runner in broadcasting crystal clear digital TV and high speed Internet for millions of satisfied users across the United States. Cox continues investing heavily in the latest technology to ensure you always experience the best TV, Internet, and Phone service available for years to come. Cox delivers outstanding service at some of the lowest prices among all competing cable and satellite television broadcasters. Let Cox be your entertainment and communications supplier and take advantage of the very best in service and value that cable can supply. Find more Cox TV, High Speed Internet, Digital Telephone savings here.

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